Delivering Critical Care Ventilation

Expand your critical care ventilator capacity to support day-to-day clinical use and overflow ventilation needs

A Fresh Look at Ventilation

Addressing today’s demand for respiratory support requires a new type of ventilator

Critical Care Support

Meets rigorous mechanical ventilation requirements for lifesaving, life-sustaining, and weaning

Low Cost of Ownership

Durable design that eliminates costly maintenance and service contracts

Simple, Flexible Use

Easy setup and system training optimized for daily use and overflow support






Sophisticated. Safe. Reliable.

The RESPOND Ventilator

With sophisticated ventilation support, this ICU-standard platform ensures patients receive the care they need. The streamlined, lightweight design allows easy movement within the hospital. All of this is provided in a cost-effective, robust system that eliminates service and maintenance contracts.

Spec Sheet

FDA authorized ICU ventilator under an EUA

Designed and built in the USA

The Difference

Pioneering a New Approach

Sophisticated Ventilation with Excellent Infection Control

Critical patients require mechanical ventilation that can respond to their needs while reducing the risk of pathogen exposure.

  • Antiviral filters reduce 99.99% of pathogens
  • Compatible with all low flow O2 sources, giving staff the flexibility to treat patients in a variety of settings

No Maintenance or Service Requirements

The streamlined system is made from durable, long-lasting components that do not require costly service and maintenance.

  • Non-proprietary patient circuit and accessories
  • Robust design for long-term storage
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Convenient Setup & Ventilation for Staff

Setup and use is simple. The RESPOND Ventilator is designed to allow healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care.

  • Ready to ventilate in < 10 minutes
  • Efficient staff training in < 1 hour
  • Quick Start Guide located on top of ventilator

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