Meet the CorVent Team

Our Mission

We believe in expanding access to critical care ventilation

Our team has elevated ventilation design to provide ICU-standard respiratory support in an elegant and robust system that removes unnecessary complexity and cost. We aim to produce reliable solutions that are easy to use for daily and off-the-shelf ventilation so providers can focus on critical patient needs.

Our core values drive our success

Reinventing Ventilation

We are innovating to meet the changing healthcare needs with a focus on patient care and the safety of patients and staff.

Simplicity by Design

We develop sophisticated, streamlined ventilators that meet the respiratory needs of acute and post-acute patients and efficiently allocate limited healthcare resources.

On the Front Lines

We provide dependable and durable respiratory support for when you need it most, whether it be day-to-day use or overflow support.

Management Team

Richard S. Walsh

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Travis Murphy

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Jeremy Nelson

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

John O'Mahony

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

James (Jim) Jake

Global Vice President of Sales

Kevin Plihal

Vice President of Marketing

Roland Bouvier

Vice President of Government Affairs

John (Jack) Bonasera

Vice President of Quality & Regulatory

Contact Us

CorVent Medical Headquarters

4837 Amber Valley Parkway S, Suite #2, Fargo, ND 58104