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CorVent Medical Celebrates Their First Year in Fargo, North Dakota


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Looking back a year later, we could not have imagined how rewarding it would be when we relocated its headquarters to NDSU’s Research and Technology Park in Fargo, ND. As we celebrate our first year in North Dakota, we would like to take a moment and reflect on the accomplishments and learned lessons of 2022, and share how thankful we are to the Greater Fargo-Moorhead community for welcoming and supporting us along the way.

Over the past year, we have actively engaged with the community by partaking in StartupBREW Fargo, speaking and networking with local universities such as North Dakota State University and University of North Dakota, working with local companies such as ComDel Innovation and Northern Plains Label, and organizations such as the Bioscience Association of North Dakota and the Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation. We would also like to express our gratitude to US legislators Senator Kevin Cramer, Senator John Hoeven, and Representative Kelly Armstrong. At the state level, we have enjoyed great support from Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring, Commissioner of Commerce Josh Teigen, and Richard Glynn of "BioND". Locally, Mayor Tim Mahoney, Joe Raso and Ryan Aasheim from GFMEDC have all significantly contributed to easing our transition to Fargo.

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(Pictured: John O'Mahony, CTO/COO speaking at StartupBREW Fargo)

Fargo, North Dakota has formed a business-friendly landscape for startup companies like CorVent Medical to thrive. This past summer, CorVent hired six full-time interns from a talented pool of students, with some even continuing part-time during the academic year. The interns this year studied at North Dakota State University, taking on positions ranging from marketing, new product development, software and electrical engineering. We also hired on two full time positions: a new graduate relocating from Texas to work as an embedded software engineer, and a senior systems software engineer continuing his masters degree at NDSU. To remain true to our commitment to the community, we are looking forward to expanding our intern program again this summer, and hiring more full time talent over the next year.


(Pictured left to right: Mahshad Shariatnasab, Srilakshmi Gundlakunta, Isaiah Leingang, Gabe Venberg, Dibyanshu Tibrewal, Abby Nelson)

Our gratitude for North Dakota extends beyond just business as well. While we often discuss it internally, we asked our staff to answer some questions about their time in North Dakota, and this is what they had to say:

What do you see as the biggest accomplishment since moving CorVent Medical's headquarters to Fargo in 2022?

"Our biggest accomplishment has been to become an active member of the ND bioscience community and also to give back by partnering with NDSU and UND. Richard Glynn and the North Dakota Bioscience Association has been a true key to much of our success this past year. We really enjoy the climate here in Fargo, and more specifically, the economic climate." -Richard Walsh, CEO

"I see the biggest accomplishment being that we [CorVent Medical] have been able to bring on some great talent from NDSU and to really build foundational relationships with other companies in the surrounding areas like ComDel and Assembly Systems."
-Michael S. Smith, Director of Engineering

What has been a highlight of relocating to Fargo, ND?

"Making new friends, being welcomed by the community, and expanding our presence in ND." -John O'Mahony, CTO/COO

What has been the most enjoyable part of networking within the greater Fargo-Moorhead Community?

"Being in such a supportive community has made it really fun and easy to network. People and business want you to succeed, and are willing to help. I loved getting to work with StartupBREW Fargo, and am looking forward to expanding my connections!" -Abby Nelson, Marketing Intern

What advice would you give to companies considering moving to Fargo, ND?

"Don’t hesitate to do it! Sure, it’s a bit cold in the winter, however the warmth of the people makes up for it. Fargo is a company friendly town." -Patsy Polatchek, Director of Customer Service & Sales Administrator

What new opportunities has the Fargo Community provided to help the growth of the company?

"Perhaps the greatest strength of Fargo is their community and commitment to empowering one another. Though CorVent is the new kid on the block, we could not have felt more at home. Thanks to the engagement with NDSU, the FMWF Chamber of Commerce, the ND Bioscience Association, StartupBrew Fargo, and many others, daunting initiatives for a start-up such as growing our company and brand awareness have been embraced as a communal effort, and we are so appreciative for the support." -Chandler Woo, Product Manager

Name one particular accomplishment that you credit to the relocation to Fargo, ND?

"The ND business climate is fantastic, this is a conglomeration of the people, educational resources, low taxes, funding, and the ND work ethic that has all contributed to our growth in the past year." -John O'Mahony, CTO/COO

What has been a highlight of your internship with CorVent Medical?

"One of the greatest, and most important highlights of my internship with CorVent Medical was my improved confidence and leadership skills. I started at CorVent Medical as a university student. While university teaches you many things, they do not teach you how to take initiative. At my time at CorVent Medical, I found myself able to be more vocal about my ideas and have more confidence in my work." -Isaiah Leingang, Electrical Engineering Intern

What has the relocation to Fargo made possible for CorVent Medical, that wouldn’t have been achieved otherwise?

"We would not have the location for testing and developing our product without the relocation. These types of facilities cost so much more in other locations, and we have been able to partner with NDSU for some terrific space." -Michael Smith, Director of Engineering

What about CorVent Medical and/or the Fargo Community enticed you to make such a big jump from Texas to North Dakota?

"The biggest enticement Corvent Medical had for me was that the company was young, and so joining CorVent allowed me to gain experience and try my hand in a variety of roles and tasks which in turn, allowed me to grow my skill sets and knowledge. Along with the fact that, the company environment was very open door and regardless of standing, everyone was willing to share advice and knowledge to help each other grow. However, prepare for the weather and prepare to socialize, as Fargo is such a small tight knit community, it is easy to outreach and socialize with other companies in the area." -SunHo Kim Embedded Software Engineer

Looking to the future, what aspects from the past year are you hoping to expand on?

"We hope to expand our intern program and attract great talent from NDSU and UND to join our company." -Richard Walsh, CEO

Looking back on 2022 and your time in Fargo, what moment has been the most significant?

"It’s a long story, but getting stranded in a storm 50 miles outside of Fargo and forming friendships through shared hardships that will last a lifetime." -John O'Mahony, CTO/COO